Create A Will To Protect Your Family And Your Legacy

No one wants to think about death. In fact, discussing end-of-life affairs doesn’t bring words like “enjoyable” or “pleasant” to mind. However, making sure that your end-of-life wishes are clearly known and that your loved ones will be taken care of when you are no longer around is critically important. Failure to create a will doesn’t mean your assets won’t be divided and distributed; it simply means the state of Tennessee will be making those decisions instead of you.

At the office of Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, we work with individuals, couples and families in Warren County to create wills that provide a sense of certainty for the future and act as a gift to the loved ones our clients will someday leave behind. You can rely on us for compassionate legal counsel, a thorough assessment of your estate planning options, and a final plan you can feel confident in.

Do It For Your Family

With few exceptions, no one is too old or too young to create a last will and testament. Everyone from single professionals to married retirees can benefit from having a will that makes their wishes known for how they want their estates handled. Even if you have decided that you simply don’t care about the money and assets you’ve accumulated over the years and don’t mind the state deciding your estate’s fate for you, we implore you to create a will for those you care about. Creating a will now can reduce the burden on your loved ones after you die, leaving them free to celebrate your life and grieve instead of sifting through a legal and bureaucratic mess.

Speaking of family, it is important for you to create a will if you are planning to start a family or recently had a child in order to make sure decisions about raising your children are left in the hands of someone you trust rather than the state. Changes in your family structure should also be treated as reminders to create or update a will to make sure your estate plan reflects your family. For example, divorce, marriage and adoption are all milestones that should prompt you to update or create a will.

At Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, we create wills and estate plans tailored to the unique circumstances and needs of our clients. We anticipate potential issues and structure wills in a manner that can withstand future challenges and be legally upheld.

Thinking About Writing Your Own Will? Think Again.

Tennessee has a provision that invalidates self-written wills. Your best course of action is to have an experienced estate planning attorney handle your will, so you can rest easy knowing your family’s future is in good hands. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.