Partition Suits

Tenacious Representation For Tennessee Property Owners

Co-tenants who share an interest in a Tennessee property have the option of pursuing a partition suit, also known as a partition action. A partition suit consists of selling the property and distributing the proceeds according to ownership interests or, if possible, dividing the property. If you are considering a partition action or have been approached by a co-tenant who is interested in one, it’s crucial to make sure you have the help of an experienced real estate attorney.

In Warren County, you can turn to Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, for worry-free representation. As an experienced litigator, Ryan J. Moore’s strong advocacy for property owners make him the right choice for protecting your legal and financial interests in a commercial or residential partition action. In addition to handling your partition action, you can trust our team to recommend and make adjustments that protect you from future complications related to your property.

Dependable Representation For Your Partition Needs

As an experienced lawyer for real estate transactions and real estate litigation, Ryan and his team know how to position our clients for success and avoid future complications. We take a holistic approach to partition suits, providing strong advocacy for our clients while keeping an eye on the future. We handle all aspects of partition suits, including:

  • Splitting property
  • Chancery court sales
  • Resolution of title defects

Our work does not end once land has been separated or sold. We will recommend and make any necessary title adjustments to head off future disputes and help you pursue reimbursement for expenses, including attorney fees and surveying costs related to the partition suit. Ryan’s experience in the title world provides him with an advantage in preparing these cases, and his familiarity with the Register of Deeds office helps ensure an efficient process.

Do Not Go It Alone

Partition suits are complicated and your real estate interests are too important to be left up to chance. Having an experienced, local attorney on your side is a better bet for protecting your legal and financial interests. Call 931-474-7926 or send us an email today.