McMinnville Probate and Estate Attorney

McMinnville Probate and Estate Attorney

Once a loved one passes, there are specific procedures to follow before both real and personal property can be distributed to heirs. At the Law Office of Ryan J. Moore in McMinnville, Tennessee, we simplify the probate process.


Experienced in representing executors, administrators, and beneficiaries, McMinnville probate attorney Ryan J. Moore brings a strong legal acumen to the probate process.  Contact our McMinnville, Tennessee law office today at (931) 474-7926.

Strong representation in probate matters, no matter how complex

We represent executors of wills and administrators of estates throughout the entire probate process.  We begin by petitioning the court to open the estate and ensure that the executor or administrator is effectively appointed through the court.  Letters of testamentary or administration are issued.  We ensure proper notice to creditors and procure the mandatory TennCare release.  We deal with claims filed by creditors and offer aggressive defenses to unfounded claims.  We file inventories and accountings when necessary.


At the McMinnville, Tennessee Law Office of Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, we also represent named beneficiaries and devisees in their individual capacities to ensure that they receive what they are rightfully entitled.  We carefully scrutinize the wording of wills, as well as offer detailed analysis of accountings and inventories.

Resolving will disputes with compassion while protecting your interests

If there is a will contest or dispute, the Law Office of Ryan J. Moore represents the estate or individual beneficiaries through negotiation and aggressive litigation, when needed, to resolve the dispute.


At the Law Office of Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, we’ve handle many unusual probate matters involving blended families, will construction suits, contested wills, contested conservatorships, insolvent estates, or other complex probate situations and matters.

Contact the McMinnville law office of Ryan J.Moore, attorney Ryan J. Moore

For strong, yet compassionate representation in a probate or estate administration matter, contact our McMinnville probate attorney today by calling (931) 474-7926.

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