Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents’ Rights | McMinnville Family Law Lawyer

In virtually every society and in every era, grandparents have traditionally played important roles in their grandchildren’s upbringing.

  • Some grandparents are social visitors at holidays and family gatherings.
  • Some are daily child care providers while adult children work.
  • Others care for grandchildren temporarily while their children are overseas in the military or otherwise unavailable to care for their children, whether temporarily or permanently.
  • Still other grandparents undertake rescue operations for grandchildren in unstable homes.

In many such circumstances, grandparents become long-term or permanent caregivers of their grandchildren. To facilitate the many tasks that grandparenting can entail, such as enrolling children in school or taking them to the doctor, these grandparents realize they need legal authorization.

In other cases, grandparents who have had strong psychological attachments with their grandchildren are cut off from them after a separation, divorce or death of an adult son or daughter. A grandmother or grandfather then turns to an attorney for clarification of visitation rights.

Whatever grandparenting situation has led you to this Web page, Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, in McMinnville can help you explore the options and find the right answer. The first step will be a thorough, compassionate fact-finding consultation with attorney Ryan J. Moore.

A dedicated family man and fourth-generation Warren County resident, his roots go deep in the community. He is well-aware of the importance extended families, including grandparents, play in children’s lives. He understands that grandparents sometimes need legal advice and help in order to meet the needs of grandsons and granddaughters they love and care for.

Overcoming Obstacles For The Sake Of Grandchildren

Are you a grandparent struggling with interference from parents after a divorce as they block your access to them? Are you looking for a way to provide a stable home for your grandchildren? Individual circumstances and family dynamics vary greatly. Individualized legal counsel can help you determine what is possible and what a family law judge is likely to consider in children’s best interests.

Whatever your situation, contact a Tennessee lawyer who champions grandparents’ rights. Call Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, in McMinnville at 931-474-7926 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.

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