Violation Of Probation

McMinnville TN probate attorney

To prevent allegations of probate violations, consult with Warren County criminal lawyers as soon as you have been granted probation instead of jail time. Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, advises clients on probation on ways to avoid criminal charges during the probate period.

Sometimes, however, “best laid plans … go awry.” You may have done your best to stay out of legal trouble after an arrest and subsequent probation, only to fail for one reason or another. A conviction for a probation violation is a serious matter and may land you in jail or prison. You may incur large fines. The long-term consequences of your original arrest can become all cialis generique the more complex and punishing.

The bottom line is that an aggressive, effective defense is essential after charges of a probation violation. Determining what that reason is, and defending you by the most effective means, is a job for Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, in Warren County, Tennessee.

Upon investigation of the facts in your probation violation case, attorney Ryan J. Moore may discover that your probation officer alleges that you:

  • Did not appear in court or meet with him or her on schedule, as required
  • Did not pay required fines or restitution as required
  • Committed actions expressly forbidden by your probation order
  • Committed the same crimes that resulted in your previous arrest


Never assume that your case is hopeless after you have been accused of a probation violation. Warren County criminal lawyers often discover evidence that a probation officer’s error was the underlying trigger for the charges. In other cases, we revisit the original charges of a crime that led to the probation order and discover flaws in the criminal justice process. A careful evaluation of your case will help defense lawyer Ryan J. Moore design the most effective defense in your probation or parole case. To schedule an initial consultation, please contact us in McMinnville by calling 931-474-7926 or by sending an email.

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