Judicial Diversion And Expungements

Judicial Diversion And Expungements | McMinnville Defense Attorney

Conviction after criminal charges is not always the end of the story as far as a criminal record goes. An aggressive defense lawyer in pursuit of the best outcome for his or her clients will explore and pursue all reasonable options. Judicial diversion is one often used method of keeping a person’s record clean. Expungement is another way to renew the possibility of a clean record, even after a conviction and sentencing.

Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, in McMinnville zealously represents people seeking new hope after criminal convictions in Warren County. Defense lawyer Ryan J. Moore is a family man with a compassionate demeanor toward clients struggling with the harsh outcome of a criminal record. He is a community leader who cares deeply about young people and all citizens of the area. He believes in helping people find better futures by whatever means the law allows.

Judicial Diversion

For first-time offenders in Tennessee, judicial diversion is an option sometimes available for people convicted of crimes, including felonies and misdemeanors. Convictions of sex crimes, narcotics trafficking and murder are not eligible for judicial diversion. A judicial diversion is a one-time-only deal. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) will approve or deny petitions for judicial diversion.

If you have been granted judicial diversion, once you complete all requirements and stay out of trouble for the entire period of time you would have been in jail, your record will be wiped clean; there will be no record of a conviction. Attorney Ryan J. Moore is prepared to fight for your right to a judicial diversion if you qualify.


With a conviction on your record, if you go a certain time period without any subsequent criminal matters, you may be eligible to have your record wiped clean. Expungement is also available for you if your charges were dismissed, if your charges did not result in a not guilty verdict or if your arrest did not result in a criminal charge.

As in the case of judicial diversion, it is not always possible to expunge a criminal record. Sexual offenses and DUI convictions are two examples of crime types that cannot be removed from your record through expungement.

Attorney Ryan J. Moore is available to evaluate your case and determine whether expungement is an option for you. He will explain how to proceed in the most expedient way.

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