Drug Crimes

Drug Charge Attorney in McMinnville

Limiting the Impact of Tennessee Drug Charges

In the eyes of the law, a small amount of drugs is still a serious offense. If you have been accused of a drug crime the skill, experience, and diligence of your attorney can mean the difference between going to jail or getting a second chance. Even a simple possession needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Our firm has successfully defended the rights of clients in a wide range of drug cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felony charges.

Tough, Result-Driven Representation

At the law office of Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, we know how to chip away at the prosecution’s case to procure a more favorable outcome for you. We examine every facet of your arrest to get key charges or evidence dismissed. Many times, drug prosecutions are based on evidence that is highly questionable, including:

  • Illegal search or seizure (evidence seized in violation of your constitutional rights).
  • Testimony of questionable witnesses who have a motive to lie.
  • Testimony of confidential informants who may be seeking a favorable plea bargain in return for his or her testimony.
  • Audio recordings of poor quality that may prove little or nothing.

Our team develops an aggressive criminal defense plan that establishes flaws in the prosecution’s case. We bolster our position by carefully reviewing the evidence in the State’s possession and prepare meticulously for the possibility of trial. We negotiate with a strong resolve on your behalf. If the State’s case is weak or the prosecutor won’t deal, we will vigorously represent you at trial.

There’s Not a Drug Charge We Can’t Handle

Our McMinnville firm can aggressively defend you on:

  • Meth (Possession, promotion, and initiation)
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine and other controlled substances
  • Illegal prescription narcotics
  • Sale and Delivery
  • Casual Exchange
  • Paraphernalia

Rehabilitation Options

At the law office of Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, we explore every option for alternative sentencing including Drug Court, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and transitional housing. No stone is left unturned and we are well connected to the Middle Tennessee’s best rehab facilities. Our goal is to prevent jail time, or at the very least minimize it, while your curing your addiction at the same time.

Your Criminal Record Matters to Us

Certain drug crimes may be expunged for first time offenders. Our team is knowledgeable about judicial diversions and expungements. A diverted offense has the effect as if the crime never happened. A clean record could mean better job opportunities and greater educational options. Tennessee’s expungement law recently changed; we stay on the cutting edge of the latest laws that affect you.

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